This evaluation attempts to determine whether the goals and objectives that were set at the start of the project are attained and the deliverables are achieved. The evaluation findings and recommendations are presented in relation to five key evaluation criteria: relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, results and impact and sustainability. The findings and recommendations presented in this report should not be taken as definitive since they depended on the feedback from stakeholders and beneficiaries and data collected at the time of evaluation.

this Evalaution was carried out by Dr. Hatem Elaydi as a delivarable of WP08 The Quality Assuance.

The purpose of the external evaluation is to determine the extent to which the aims and objectives of the project have been met and deliverables achieved at the conclusion of the project timescale. These include:
a) Development of a new BA Primary Education programme at each university, including Minors in Diversity, Inclusion and Special Educational Needs and in Technology Enhanced Learning, Teaching and Assessment;
b) Technology Enhanced Learning Environment including Smart Learning rooms in each university
c) Development of academic capacity in Higher Education pedagogy and research;
d) A quality assurance toolkit;
e) A dissemination and exploitation strategy to share the work more widely between partners, in Palestine and internationally.

Click here for the full report 2018-11-13 Final Evaluation Report Approved