Study Visit to Fontys November 2016

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Colleagues from UEF, Hebron and Birzeit University travelled to Fontys University to take part in workshops for Technology Enhanced learning teaching and assessment.
The team were able to participate in an annual children’s media festival and also visited local primary schools.

Site Visit to Palestine – May 2016

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Tony Mahon of CCCU worked with colleagues to develop the specific curriculum framework for each university and some of the key course descriptions
Sulochini Pather of CCCU worked with colleagues in each university to develop the framework for the DISEN track including ILOs and course descriptions; while Bart Coppes did the same for the TELTA track.
Antti Ronkainen of UEF worked with colleague to finalise the Smart Learning Room equipment list and specifications. Plans were made for the renovations of the new Smart Rooms.

Study Visit to CCCU April 2016

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During the visit to Canterbury Christ Church University the vision and underlying principles for the new degree programmes were confirmed.  The team visited a local primary school for observations and discussion and also observed teaching on the BA Primary Education degree.

Visit to Holland, April 2016

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The visit to Holland brought together some of the most experienced academic researchers from across the six universities.
The team attended a series of workshops led by Ellen Rohan of Fonyts University with a focus upon Research Capacity Building. This included a specific focus on Practise Based Research (PBR) how to develop a model for Palestinian Universities.
Participants also had opportunity to visit local schools

Visit to Finland, April 2016

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The study visit to the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu offered intensive work around the Work Package 6 and the Smart Learning Room (SLR) development.

The aim of the visit was to put together a list of requirements and equipment for the SLRs. Besides the planning sessions within the team, the participants had a chance to test and evaluate a wide range of educational technologies and equipment themselves, observe how ICT is used both in schools and teacher training at the university, and to learn about teaching methods utilizing ICT.

The team also paid a visit to UEF’s campus in Kuopio to see their ICT Test Lab and meet technical experts for discussions. New ideas were drawn up about how to create academic learning and working environments that meet today’s needs. To connect with colleagues in Gaza, a video link to Al Azhar University was provided.

Participants for the study visit were Dr Anwar Abdel Razeq and Dr Ahmad Aljanazrah, Birzeit University, Dr Nabil Hasasna and Mohammed Moreb, Hebron University, Karl Bentley, Canterbury Christ Church University and Bart Coppes, Fontys University.

Teemu Valtonen and Antti Ronkainen from the University of Eastern Finland hosted the group and the plans completed at this visit will inform the ongoing development of the rooms, with installation planned during Year 2 of the Project.

Site Visit February, 2016

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Project Leader, Tony Mahon and Project Coordinator from the University of Eastern Finland, Antti Ronkainen returned to Palestine this month in order to further develop the models and plans for Curriculum Development and also to work on equipment lists and plans for the University Smartrooms.

Tony Mahon also visited Al Azhar in Gaza and spent several days at the university where he was able to work closely with colleagues there to think about the structure of their courses and development. Focus was also on gathering data in order to start work on both the Diversity and Inclusion element to the programmes and also the Capacity Building in Higher Education Pedagogy.

A wide selection of academic Staff and students will be interviewed and surveyed in order to inform the design of these elements.  Work completed here at each university will be used back home at CCCU with the Project group looking at the modules that make up each degree programme. Antti Ronkainen from UEF will use the discussions to develop the plan for the upcoming Study Visit to Finland.

Project Representatives Meeting, Brussels January 2016

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Project Leader, Tony Mahon, represented the RQTEPP-TELTA project at a large scale meeting with the European Commission’s Education, Audiovisual, Cultural, Executive Agency (EACEA) from 26-28 January, 2016.  The meeting involved 380 representatives of successful Erasmus+ projects from more than 100 countries and Tony Mahon was able to meet with Agency Officers from both the Agency in Brussels as well as from the National Office in Palestine.



Launch of Erasmus+ RQTEPP-TELTA Project at Birzeit University, Palestine 7th December 2015

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أطلقت كليات التربية في جامعة بيرزيت وجامعة الأزهر-غزة وجامعة

الخليل، يوم الإثنين 8 كانون الأول 2015 مشروعاً حول بناء القدرات لأعضاء هئية التدريس في الكليات وذلك بحضور رئيس جامعة بيرزيت  د. عبد اللطيف أبو حجلة، وإنضم إلي مراسيم الإطلاق كل من جامعة الأزهر وجامعة والخليل،

عبر نظام المؤتمر الرقمي Video Conference وذلك لتعذر وصولهم إلي جامعة بير زيت بسبب العوائق السياسية. ويتم العمل بهذا المشروع بالشراكة مع ثلاث جامعات أوروبية  هي جامعة كانتربري بريطانيا ، وجامعة شرق فنلندا من فنلندا ، وجامعة فونتيس هولندا .

في حين أكد د. أبو حجلة على أهمية الشراكة بين جامعة بيرزيت والجامعات المحلية والأجنبية، لما في ذلك من مردود تربوي هام للغاية على نوعية التعلم على الصعيد الجامعي والمدرسي، وأشار الى أن جامعة بيرزيت وضعت ضمن خططها الاستراتيجية أهمية تعزيز التكنولوجيا والتعلّم الإلكتروني في عملية التعليم والتعلم.

ويهدف المشروع الى تعزيز دور التكنولوجيا في التعليم والتعلم وخاصة ضمن برامج إعداد المعلمين في الجامعات الشريكة، كما يؤكد على تطوير