Capacity Building in
Higher Education Pedagogy


To enhance the capacity among academic staff to utilise modern, student centred, interactive teaching approaches and strategies and to use technology effectively to support, enhance and sustain learning, teaching and assessment within the context of new BA Primary Education degree programmes in partner universities.


  1. To develop capacity among academic staff to utilise modern, student-centred, interactive teaching approaches and strategies, incorporating technology to support and enhance learning, teaching and assessment.
  2. To support the development of new innovative BA Primary Education degree programmes, courses and learning experiences in partner Palestinian universities in line with recognised international good practice in Higher Education pedagogy.
  3. To identify a repertoire of pedagogical strategies and methods for teacher education in Palestine, which support the development of 21st Century skills in intending primary teachers.
  4. To develop a set of teaching and learning competences for university lecturers contributing to programmes in Primary teacher education