Technology Enhanced Learning Environments


To design and build technology enhanced learning environment (TELE) including ‘Smart Learning Rooms’ (SLR) in partner universities in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of Palestine. The aim of the Smart learning rooms (SLR) is to provide universities with flexible, pedagogically sound and sustainable facilities for advancing the use of ICT for teaching and learning. In addition, the aim is to organize support and training needed for the active use of SLR.


  1. To design and build Smart Learning rooms that provide technical facilities for developing capacity among academic staff and student teachers to use technology effectively and efficiently to support and enhance learning, teaching and assessment;
  2. To use the SLR as an ICT enabled learning laboratory to develop capacity for conducting research; Produce SLR training materials to support academic staff in learning how to use the SLR effectively to enhance learning, teaching and assessment;
  3. To share good practices of teaching with SRL facilities;
  4. To provide mechanisms and strategies to ensure continued updating and sustainability beyond project life.

The SLR concept builds on two larger entities; the physical aspect and Cloud services.

The physical aspect covers converting a room into a Smart Learning Room (SLR) by supplying it with the necessary computers, internet access, ICT applications and furniture. The area is designed to provide flexible spaces for different modes of learning and teaching.

The purpose of Cloud services is to provide students with personal spaces online for learning.  This enables students, with guidance, to select and design tools and environments that best serve their learning needs. The aim of the personal learning environments is also to encourage students to reflect upon their practices of learning and to develop their independent and collaborative learning skills. These online environments are also available for students and academic staff outside the physical SLR, wherever Internet access is available.