Al-Azhar University-Gaza,  Research Projects Abstract

Research Title: Educators Attitude towards Inclusive Education in the Gaza Strip

Researchers: Dr. Osama Hamdouna and Dr. Basem Abu Kwaik (Al-Azhar University-Gaza)

Inclusive education means the social-cultural approach system used to facilitate students’ learning abilities during the process of change in education. Inclusive education does not mean the end of the services and supporting systems, but the shift of changing individuals to changing the curriculum and pedagogy. ‘To these educators, inclusion would mean the end of labelling and segregated education classes, but not the end of necessary supports and services, which would follow students with special needs into the regular classroom.’ (Wade, 2000). Inclusive education is the celebration of a class, which has multiple students with multiple characteristics (Loreman, Deppeler and Harvey, 2005). In this case, teachers help the students to adapt and to meet the changing needs during the inclusion.

The researcher thinks that the success implementation of inclusive education in everywhere must first be backed with positive attitude towards inclusive education, especially among educators, as negative attitude could constitute a big problem in applying such approach even if we have all required resources and possibilities.

Accordingly, this research concerns itself to study the attitude of educators in the Gaza Strip towards inclusive education, as the implementation of such approach in Palestine is still a pilot attempt.


“Educational, Psychological and Social Services Provided to Students with disabilities Integrated into Regular Schools from their Teachers Point of View.”

Researchers: Dr. Basem Abu Kwaik and Dr. Osama Hamdouna (Al-Azhar University-Gaza)

This study aims to evaluate the reality of educational, psychological and social services provided to students with disabilities integrated into regular schools, from their teacher’s point of view. The researcher will use the analytical descriptive approach and evaluation methodology.
To achieve the objective of this study, the researcher will design a scale of educational, psychological and social services provided to these students by using appropriate scientific methods, and it will be applied to a random sample of teachers of these students to recognize the reality of the level of educational, psychological and social services provided to these students from their teachers point of view, and to find out if there are statistically significant differences in the educational, psychological and social services provided to these students due to some classification variables: sex: males- females, student age, type of . disability.